How often are sessions hosted at your timezone?

Alr, please don’t mistake me as self-promotion in this post-

So this is purely for fun and out of curiosity. So how often are sessions hosted usually at your timezone? (I know they are hosted random, but just comment if it’s frequently hosted or rarely) I’m pretty sure many people would want to know this as it might give them some idea on when is the usual time that MR+ hosts.

If anyone would want to know I usually rarely see sessions being hosted 3:30am EST till 7:00am EST. (Usually).

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Yea, europe is at school then and the US is sleeping, you dont have many ppl left during that time

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Hello, @Marshyyy.x!

  1. I will keep this simple. I am from Australia and my current timezone is Australian Eastern Daylight Time. (AEDT) I would say it is busy while we are asleep. By the afternoon, it gets less busy per hour as it would be nighttime for the western world. I am an early bird, so I wake up at 5 AM. It is mostly busy while others are asleep.

  2. I see sessions are more often hosted around early mornings and midday for me, but in the afternoon, I would say between 1-3 sessions are posted per 30 minutes.

Weekends and holidays may change the timing and how often sessions are hosted. (Activity)


I believe as a AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) player, not enough sessions are hosted during the middle of the day, most sessions occur during 5am - 7am, and then after 9pm. This makes us AEST players stay up late at night to grind some sessions out. It is unhealthy and inconvenient for us.

I love in Europe and they are hosted in the afternoon or evening, it’s mostly shifts and trainings. NEVER inspections from what I have seen.

During the day not so much but 7-11pm my time (perth australia) is the most common