How prisoners obtain firearms and an idea to making it more entertaining to obtain them with a challenge in order to have a gun

(I understand that this does stray off the request posted in announcements, but I find this important) What I have noticed in my hours of playing this game is that many inmates are able to obtain guns by buying a game pass. Simple and easy enough if you have the money and it makes a profit, so it seems like a win-win. However, it makes anyone who decides to work at the prison, their life becomes a living hell. Let’s say you haven’t seen the game, let alone start playing it and you bought the ERT game pass (Emergency Response Team). You’ll see a few gun fights between the prisoner and staff (this includes you). It seems fun at first, seeing the staff trying to defeat the enemy team of criminals and inmates combined (criminals tend to break into the prison and wreak havoc). After 5 or so minutes in being part of the staff and helping out and what not, you realize how war like this game is and how literal wars occur between these 2 teams. But in this, it ruins the purpose of the game itself. Every sever you join should not be a constant war! From what I know in my 11 hours and 30 minutes (+ or -) of experiencing the servers I joined, it’s supposed to go something like this:
You choose to be a prisoner or be one of the separate teams of staff. (This requires you to roleplay in order for you to take a certain position) If you’re an inmate, you follow the rules of staff who order you around. Once in a while you attempt an escape when a NORMAL breach of prisoners occurs (which is due to the lack of staff because some people(s) have a gun). You’d find a way out or you get caught and that’s how it works, (unless you are a good prisoner, and you just sit there doing the right thing) and has remained the same aside from more escapes occurring. If you’re on the staff team, you do your job attempting to stop the escape. If you don’t believe me on this, here is an example. You’ll be by the gate at showers, guarding, and all you hear is a whole war zone erupt from inside, you turn around and go to open the gate, what do you see? 3 inmates with M4A1, a Glock 17, and any other obtainable weapons. As soon as you see this, not 2 seconds later the door is opened and now you’re dead with multiple inmates now on the loose because the prisoners escaping wouldn’t bother to close the door(s). This is what happens nearly more than every 5-20 minutes. If, you are in luck, only a few inmates have a firearm, and it is manageable. Other than that, war breaks out.

Okay, time for the idea portion of this. Around the prison, in a corner or sizably scattered around and not whole bunch, pieces of scrap metal (example of how this happens, a wall if decaying, or just a brown rusting piece on a wall in showers, or randomly generated) or sticks can be found (from a tree in yard). These can be used to craft a type of crafting tool (using a crafting tool that is automatically in your inventory and it is used just for making the better crafting tool) that is in your inventory. This would be used (once you’ve collected enough materials) to create crafting tool lvl. 2 (Example for the creation the crafting tool: 6 sticks, 3 scrap metal). But with this, there is a challenge to create the lvl. 2, you need to be doing so in secret. Why? because you’ll be doing an animation for a set amount of time. Maybe 30 seconds. If you’re caught, the materials will fall from you and other inmates will be able to pick them up. If you’re successful, you work on a new objective, creating a shank. This will require less materials at 1 stick and 2 scrap metal. This would take a full minute. (And maybe the addition of dullness and to remove dullness over time of use you would make a knife sharpener, but I am iffy on this) But now comes an even greater objective, to create a makeshift gun. (Or shank one of the staff to obtain their weapon). To do this, it leads to 2 different ideas you’ll have to create something different, you’ll have to create a tool for this, a metal forming tool (3 sticks 5 scrap metal). Or it could be a custom tool). That or you could wait until someone with a firearm dies and with them deceased, their gun would be broken by crossfire or being shot. In this case you take the gun and disassemble it and use it for creating your makeshift gun (side idea: or you could repair it.) At this point you could go with the idea of a lvl 3. crafting tool, or just the lvl 2. crafting tool. Yet one thing is missing. Ammunition. To obtain this, you can rob it from a person who has died and had a firearm (with the proper ammunition to match your gun) or through some interesting/ weird process, maybe when the lunch “food” is set and dried (in secret, in a cell or some other place) it becomes flammable like gun powder. This from here, you would take some scrap metal and take it to one of the crafting tools (depends on if you want to have the crafting tool advance to lvl 3). From there it would create 4 bullets. Just like that, you would have a firearm that would be a so and so weaker than the Glock 17. This gun would have a twist it would have the chance to explode in your face when firing. It could be taken further to upgrades and different level crafting tools, but I’ll leave it to the developers, and such.

Anyways, sorry about the length of this. I hope this idea is considered, debated upon, and it can of course be edited to fit in the game. I’m not picky about that. I may have over emphasized in the 1st huge paragraph, but my point still stands. I’m just too tried to go back and edit this because this was created over the course of 2 and a half 3 hours.

Inmates have great access to firearms, it’s not fun for staff, and a solution would be to have a creative way to create a gun. Essentially, you would have crafting tool, there would be randomly generated parts of the prison that would have a material change to indicate its decay. Inmates would be able to take a piece of it (it would then disappear). In yard, sticks would generate around the area from a tree above. With so and so materials, create metal forming tool. They would take this to create a better crafting tool (lvl. 2). From there collect more sticks and scrap metal to create a shank. They could use this to harm others with it to get a gun or they could collect more materials (They would have to make a a metal forming tool). From there, when someone with a firearm were to die, they could collect the gun (or pieces of it) and repair said gun or take the pieces and use it for a makeshift gun. To get bullets, “food” in lunch could be set out to dry (can be prevented by staff and so on) it would crumble into a powder. Then, collect more scrap metal, form it using the metal forming tool and make a bullet casing, combine the dried out “food” and get maybe 4 bullets. This ‘gun’ would have a chance to exploded in your face when fired.


Can you pls make a TL:DR its like

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Yup, no problem. It will take a bit. Alright, TL:DR is finished.

Ngl this would be rlly nice and improve the game experience

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Glad you like the idea! Hopefully it comes true.

This is a Great idea because then when someone spawns the don’t go on a kiling spree and mass murder the entire staff

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Right, that has happened a lot lol.

This is an addon/ edit to the post because I can’t edit the post directly. I see an issue with this, so this is a solution (but I’m not too sure about it, let me know on the viewable post, and my comment.):
If you’re able to take someone’s firearm after the died or you killed them, if you have not picked it up, it would despawn in a set amount of time. That or when the player were to respawn. But that maybe that wouldn’t leave enough time and wouldn’t be fair. If none of the above can work, then I have one last idea: The firearm would be damaged beyond repair, but still useable for spare parts.

You wrote a whole ■■■ book, i- wow. Good idea, clearly lots of effort into this.

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I like the expression of your feelings in 1080 words, 5659 letters, and i share your anger.


Thank you very much. I just wish to help out the game, it will be a lot of work, but it will make the game stand out. Jail break deals with more on a community outside of the prison. Other games go with a basic team verse team (Criminals/ inmates’ verses staff) and the game’s popularity (based off of my observation) will decrease. Take Foxtrot Asylum roleplay as an example. It has many similarities with Stateview and if you were to look at Foxtrot’s player count on their game it’s not so good (and I think there is more than 1 but it has 0 playing):
That’s the reason why I’m worried. 200-300+ players with Stateview, soon, that too may drop.

Yeah, it irritates me not because it is an easy fix, it’s because another group, another game that’s so popular and so full of potential can be dropped off a cliff.

Yeah, this game got boosted by Flamingo years ago, but it’s slowly dying.

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Lmao its most definitely not dying, everyone who came bc of flamingo is gone already lol


Right but this is my worry, Foxtrot was founded 1/25/20, and it took off. As it did, it crashed worse than the stock market in the 30’s, except it was a little slower. Right now, they are maintaining somewhere around 30 players and their like to dislike percentage is not so hot.