How to actually get CP

Okay so many people don’t know how to get CP so this is the actual way on how to get CP. No, this is not a troll like many of them.

First option:
[Works for everyone]

Many people already know this but, you can buy the gamepass. You need to make sure you are in the group though, and I’d recommend joining the discord server after buying the rank. You can host shifts, but you will need FD+ supervision.

Second option:

Get noticed by HR+[CAC+].
[You have to be a Warden for this method.]
You might be asking, how you can do this, well you can attend shifts and talk a lot in the radio to become one of the hardest workers. Plus, you should help in trainings so that way, HRs will notice your activity and you might have a chance of a promotion. [If you want to help in trainings make sure to be in both intel, and in the main server. Also make sure to use grammar when you are helping in trainings, as it is required.]

Third option:
[Works for Wardens.] {This is the option I’d recommend.]

Attend an inspection and perform well in the inspection. But before that, you will need to help in trainings, and perform well in shifts. How you can perform well in shifts is by chatting a lot in the radio. Make sure you help and attend shifts a lot so if you pass an inspection, it will boost the chances of you becoming CP.

You probably might be asking, how do I pass an inspection?
Well, it is actually not that hard as people say how hard it is.
You will be put to the non admin side. There are 4 sections of an inspection, faces, Formations, questions, and Accuracy. Faces is simple, most wardens should know how to do faces, if they ever helped in trainings. It’s basically the same faces in normal trainings. For formations, in a wedge make sure that your right hand is next to someone else’s left hand. For Box, you need to face outwards and surround the host/co-host. For questions, answer those questions with as much knowledge you have for those questions. I’d also recommend putting detail when answering these questions. For accuracy, make sure that you shoot the target when you think its the right time to do so, it will increase your hit chances.

I hoped this helped.

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Can people give me some feedback, was this helpful?

No because i’m already a FD

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You can apply on

Good luck!

As a Recently New Chairperson, I totally agree on that, But also people can check on the Intel Server and check how other Wardens got promoted to Chairperson,
E.g …Me!

skoseck - Chairperson

Update: You can now claim CP with levels.

It’s very annoying that unqualified CPs get to host and stuff

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Uh no. Don’t work. Tried and oh god I don’t know.

Also chairperson is not an option on it.

You can’t just become CP overnight.

Update: CP claiming is removed.

Yessir it’s very nice i love the CP getting removed

It’s no longer warden!1!1!1! you need superintendent…