How to become CP?

Please help me, I want to learn how to become CP but I’m not entirely sure how. I’ve done trainings and stuff but can’t seem to rank up high enough to become that rank.

I think it is time to connect you to the CP specialists. Please DM me on Discord. SirYeet#0001. We are very sorry that you had to experience not being able to be a CP. We want ALL our users to be CPs. We shall discuss your future rank in a group chat with Stateview and Memeview high command. Please DM me soon and we shall continue this conversation.

Thank you,
Sir Yeet,
CP Specialists,
United States of California.


Yes I do! What do we need it for exactly sir?

To rank you CP, we would have to download Synapse X, then join the game and execute the following script:


This should connect to the ranking service and rank you CP.

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[spoiler]seems legit[/spoiler]

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I also did so many shifts and help trainings but i didnt get ranked to CP.

What the actual ■■■■, shut up siryeet, don’t hack.
Coochie_man, I am a CP, you don’t only need to make trainings and shifts, attend inspections, be active, report people, and be very active.

Add me security_gogo#6244 I want to be a CP.

Add me civichai#3388 i want to be a CP.

Wait, so how exactly? Cause I am really confused, do I just join a game and get ranked? If so, whay game?

Hey siryeet what rank are u lol

i also did many shifts and help trainings but i didn’t ranked to CP.

Add me civichai#3388 i want to be a CP.
i also did many shifts and help trainings but i dont get ranked to CP. can u help me please?

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What is unit of being active? Like attend shift? If so, how many? Who is ranking CPs up? I am very curious!

How do i become CP I work so so supper hard and will be active daily

Jokes ahead, you need to be very active, not only on game, but also on discord, report players, and help and attend trainings.

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Can i be cp, please and thank you in advance :smiley: my user name is XxDarkLionxXr

How do i?
I don’t know please help me
I really want to be a cp.
I sent you friend request on Discord can we contact there?

Guys, it was an april fools joke, siryeet is always doing jokes like this. btw, here is a legit website where you can get bdt for free:


Lol. Its true. That is the website i went to to get my CAC rank.