How to get Chairperson [2023/2024] - Guide


  • Hello everyone! As a former facility director, I have decided to make this guide, as it is the most commonly asked question, and has gotten quite annoying. Please note that this guide is designed for SUPERINTENDENTS to follow.

Step 1 - Discord Activity
Discord activity is a key part of the SI - CP “grind” as when you are chairperson, being active online is a very key quality. Here are some sort of “requirements” it is suggested that you follow:

1: 300+ messages a week
2: A few media & memes posts
When in discussions, don’t just talk about waiting for a shift, this is called being hungry, and is commonly despised on.

Make sure to not just follow this to the bear minimum, but just make sure you are doing this, and possibly even more.

Step 2 - Hardest Workers
This is VERY VERY important, getting many “hardest workers” does indeed help with the grind, it shows you are not hungry and have the skills to depict where hardest workers are, and what they do. Here is the notes on hardest workers, and how to log them:

1: Once in a shift, you must be helpful and work hard in your role, given by the host/cohost.
Communicate Actively in your role.
Make important updates, and do not chat about anything but your role and what you are doing.
Follow and respond to ALL the hosts commands.
– Log in #patrol-logs once finished with a picture.

And yes, this does mean, if your cohost for the shift is denied, DO NOT LEAVE THE GAME, attend and work hard anyways.

Step 3 - Cohosts and helpers
This is the main job of a superintendent, and the one everyone knows, but i will still write it here.
Follow this simple guide when getting cohost/helper:

1: Ask the host if you can cohost (shifts) or be a helper (trainings).
– >
If they say “picking” STS and chat to others, make sure to use grammar and be formal at all times.
2: If you are chosen, congrats! If not, stay if you are in a shift and if in a training, it is more than acceptable to leave.

A key part of this is yet again, grammar and formality. Don’t keep asking if they say picking, and if you notice that most SI’s are STS, just STS with them, it normally means they are picking.

Written by: @spectrumroblox
Idea by: @kevintarded (This guide is heavily updated and renewed, since his was quite old)
Edited by: N/A
Published by: @spectrumroblox

Thank you for reading, I’d love to see your opinions in the replies!


What are your opinions on this?
I think that it is quite relevent, how about you?

Is this a typo?

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No, I don’t completely mean that its more than acceptable to leave, but instead stressing that its more commonly considered as “not hungry” if you leave in a training.

Yes indeed. I hate trainings since they way to long and easy lol

Got some serious grammar issues there buddy :skull:

If you spell stuff differently in america, not my fault.

You got the lowercase “i”

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That used to be the with manual hosting, but with BC, Many hosts now do solo shifts as most SI don’t know how to use it.


oh, do I? whoops
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Wow? Most SI’s dont know how to use BC? You just mark boxes and stuff…

As an SI, I think leaving when you add not chosen is so stupid. Just stay and work hard, it isn’t difficult is it.

Discord activity isn’t a deal breaker it’s just if you want to it could help in some certain scenarios.
Also Co-hosts are the most important of the all 3 of the stats HRs check for.

Community Management High Command
Former CAC

tbf i agree that getting Hws is important, the only reason i got cp was cos i had 35 hws lol

Very helpful i will follow this, Thanks so much.