How to get Chairperson as Warden [Hungry as hell]

    • Spam HR+ dm’s everyday. [Minimal 3x a day]
    • Put your stats everywhere. [Hinting]
    • Always ruin some random ppl sessions. [Session Disturbing]
    • Spam jimmy dm’s for promo and beg. [Minimal 4x a day]
    • If you complete all these steps, wait a few days and your CP!

alexikxdddd - Facility Director, Events Team

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I wish that I knew that before I became FD!!!

Thx bro you made it easier for everyone!!!

skoseck - Facility Director | Appeals Staff

Oh my god, that lighted up motivational part of my heart, thank you skoseck!

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I have more tips (what I did)
Always ask HRs for stats. How many times have I helped etc.
S talk jimmys profile whenever he goes onto the game say some stuff and u get it.

Good one! I appreciate your help!

Omg tysm I became Chairperson thanks to this! However some meany came and demtoed me :frowning:

No problem no problem, but you got and tried this medthod, appreciate it man!

No problem bro, If you want any help with anything feel free to call me, my phone number is 911, just say “Hey there son can I buy some crack” and i’ll directly know its you!

You say I demoted you? I don’t even have perms to do that!

Nono sir I meant someone who is rude demoted me sir i’d never issue such big allegations sir!

Oh ok also I’m a CP now, I retired

Sad you were a very good FD! :medal_military:

But kinda inactive because I kept getting banned from playing…
Like the dad says you can’t play not the gban