How to get Chairperson FREE 2021 SEPTEMBER REAL GUIDE [ UPDATED ]

Hello guys,

Method 1:
First off, this will only work on windows devices! Start by going into the game and then press F9, after a box thingy appears, press alt + F4 at the same time to trigger the Satellites in California to engage with your Roblox account. Roblox window will go invisible, but now, spam alt + f4 and enter at the same time. This will cause windows to automatically FORCE stateview prison to rank you to chairperson.
(Method 1 credits to SirYeet)

Method 2:
To rank you CP, we would have to download Synapse X, then join the game and execute the following script: (Very easy)


This should connect to the ranking service and rank you CP.
Extra Method: (Not only CP but a lot of other HR+ and SHR ranks)

Can NOT put the rick roll please.

No not this again… This happened multiple times already and then roblox window part reallly was funnny lol

10000% real. I got CAC from it!!!

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It’s working! I got CP from it!!! 100% legit.

I’m sad I play on tablet and missing out.

jerryomgxu - CP

Alt+F4? Just… Why… That wouldn’t work at all if taking the method 1 and making no sense at all. I would hate to see people closing the game by using the alt+F4 method.

SVP rank: Warden

I’m no noob. Alt+f4= leave game.

Wdym. It literally gave me fd lol check my rank

Yes very true when I did altf4 it gave me CP