How to get CP (My guide)

Getting Chairperson is about the hardest thing that you can get in SV and really determines how persistent you are.


The toughest thing when trying to get this promotion is assisting in trainings. These can be very time consuming but can be achieved by persistent individuals.

  • Minimum of 10 HW.
  • Minimum of 10 Trainings helped.
  • Minimum of 10 Shifts Co-hosted.
  • 30 Is the minimum, your stats should be at least 40+.
  • Passing other sessions will help but isn’t required.

Shift principles

I - Make sure to use channel 2 to communicate.
II - Follow the format: [Role] (text).
III - Use proper grammar.
IV - Do your role well like don’t wander off and leave your post too often.

Training Principles (Helper)

I - Do not speak while the host is speaking.
II - Do not answer PTS while the host/co-host is speaking.
III - Use proper grammar.


Have you reached your stat goal? Great, it’s now time to attend the inspection. Even if your stats are low, you should still attend to get a better idea on how they work. In this guide, I’ll go over the phases.

During this phase, you will need to listen carefully to what the host says. Sometimes, the host will say fake faces that are intended to trick you. Some examples of this are, “Right Turn” or even simple changes like, “Left fac”. Another common mistake many attendees make is forgetting that only Center Face breaks a Control face. During a control face, only center face will break it.
The other faces are pretty easy to grasp.

  • Left turn - Rotate 90 degrees left.
  • Right turn - Rotate 90 degrees right.
  • About face - Rotate 180 degrees.
  • Control face - Face the host.
  • Center Face - Return to starting positon.
  • Left Incline - Rotate 45 degrees left.
  • Right Incline - Rotate 45 degrees right.
    (Please note that these are in degrees so opposite faces cancel each other out)

Faces are pretty easy so you shouldn’t be too worried about them.

Inspection phase 2/4

The second phase of the inspection is essentially a shift. Communicate effectively and use proper grammar. It is still a bit different, so I’ll go over the expectations.

I - Make sure to use channel 2 to communicate.
II - Follow the format: [Rank/Role] (text).
III - Use proper grammar.
IV - Do your role well like don’t wander off and leave your post too often.
V - Actively help during the drill.

The host may ask you questions about the drill. These questions are pretty easy and are usually about drill procedures.

Inspection phase 3/4

The 3rd phase of the inspection is in my opinion, the easiest. All you do is form a wedge around the host. You shouldn’t be worried about this phase because I’m pretty sure everyone passes it.

Inspection phase 4/4

This phase is pretty hard for some people. During Accuracy, your main objective is to taze the teamed inmate. Accuracy tests your reaction speed and well accuracy.

Here are the phase rules:

I - You only get 3 chances.
II - The inmate will be walking around.

I recommend practicing this on inmates that are moving around.

Congrats! You passed the inspection. Even if you have good stats, a promotion is not guaranteed.

Getting stats is the hardest thing to do. Other factors also contribute and can make or break a promotion.

I - Be respectful. Do not engage in flame wars or insult anybody even if you’re just joking.

II - Demonstrate maturity. You should never make derogatory statements anywhere.

III - Do not hint. Hinting in any way will only decrease your chances of a promotion. It is annoying and turns of high ranks.

I want to emphasize the importance of this last section because if you fail to adhere to them, you may rid yourself of ever getting a promotion even if your stats are exceptional.

One more thing I want to say is that you should enjoy the game while you play. If you find yourself extremely frustrated because you aren’t getting promoted yet, you should probably take a break. Promotions come naturally and should never be expected. The things in this guide will only increase your chances of a promotion. If you feel that nobody is noticing you, I can assure you that HR’s are watching. Be patient.


Did u thank chatgpt???

But anyways you just copied and pasted how to to different kinds of shifts

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If you actually checked that it was AI generated and read the guide you would realize that it’s not from AI and it’s not copy and pasted.

cp is easier than being department handpicks

You aren’t even a ChairPerson bro.

you legit an SI what you yapping about

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wasnt he promoted?


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Promo reverted like 5 minutes later



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CP is easy to get.


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Good guide… especially considering the fact that you’re si :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but jokes aside this could be helpful

Former Stateview Chairperson :smile:

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This is a pretty good guide!
Thanks, this will help me!
I am superintendent too!

I’m curious, what did you do to get demoted

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i was abt to ask that lol


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Guys the fact that he’s SI doesn’t matter. It’s a useful guide.

As a former chairperson that used this guide I admit that this helped me from the two years that I was a warden to get to Cp.

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