How to get promotion very easy!

hello guys!! this is how to get a promotion very easy even if u are board of governor!!

so first you will have to do these 5 steps

  1. start spam pinging jimmy and the leadership team in general

  2. start dming every single high rank you can begging for a promotion

  3. go in game and start arresting and shooting everyone for no reason

  4. abuse ur tasks and auto xp farm by using the amongus method, method will be leaked later today! (joke)

  5. and lastly you must press alt + f4, press sign out and then press enter

and you will be promoted from any rank you are and this isn’t fake, i hope you guys like this and goodluck on ur next rank as this is actual bug -breraking no joke!111!

1 word:

I tried this and it didn’t work. I’m really mad right now. You baited me. Now I broke down crying, my family disowned me, I lost my job and my wife left me. This isn’t funny. You ruined my life.


Emotional damage
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Wow! Thanks! I did this and it worked!!! :OOOOOO

I think i got promoted! “Banned” is high rank btw?


Yet i not doing that i can lose PI+ to low inmate and on discord CD+ to low inmate :rofl::rofl:OK OK that too funny