How to open a player report for someone in-game tutorial

To open a player report, you need to join the Intel/Administration Server and then go to the channel #game-reports and click the “Open Ticket” Button. Picture:

And then send a message that has the person’s data:
Username (yours)
Reportee (the person you are reporting)
Reason for reporting
Witnesses that are in the discord (if there is)
Proof (if there is)
If you don’t know any, send the server job id (copy the thing from !serverid) and say something like this in your notes:
Join command: !joinserver <jobid/serverid>

The prefered format to help appeals associates is:
[Their Username]
[Their Rank]
[What rule did they break]
[Proof (upload to a website like streamable or youtube)]

We don’t usually don’t need your username or any witnesses. If you don’t have proof, just don’t open a ticket.

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