HR Certification Perks

I believe anyone who passes this certification who is FD+ should be granted EHR on a trial basis and is only permitted to use under CAC+ supervision for the first week before being granted access if they can do it well. The reason for this is that the HR Certification appears to be very difficult to pass based upon how little members have it and how people speak of it.

no. EHR and high rank certification are different things, and there is no reason to have a trial on either, this is just stupid

Though some of this is true, under supervision is total restriction to their permissions (ex: A player can be hacking, the FD would need to ask CAC, not only that would be a problem if CAC+ is afk, but if they are also not caring enough they can just say no), here is a better idea since abuser would normally stop when a high rank is in the game, use a fake account dummy to catch the abuser for a higher chance if not abusing.

May not work and people may not agree, but it is worth a shot.

Ehr is a completely different thing. You do not get it by passing a session but by achieving it temporary.