HR Entry & Limits suggestion

Information about my suggestion:

Hello HRs, SHRs, Developers & The Leadership team!
I wish we could have ranking limits for CP’s & FD’s. Right now, PC+ can just promote the warden or CP they want. I know many of the PC+ do it with good reasons. We have too many CP’s & FD’s right now. Many of our CP’s & few of our FD’s, that abuse their powers. I have even seen CAC’s that abuse their powers, I have reported when seen & they have been punished. Our HR & SHR team, just get more & more abusive. I also wish we added an application to enter the role as CP, to apply you must be a warden.

This will do good for following:

  • Less HR’s that abuse.
  • Less inactive HR’s.
  • Promotion to people who deverse it, instead of free ranking.
  • More organized HR’s
  • It would be harder to become a HR

What do you mean about this, please comment below!

Feel free to Dm me on discord: valdemarcrafter#3169

valdemarcrafter - Facility Director


That’s actually a good idea, I think that will improve the HR team.

Thanks :smiley:

You’re pro Facility Director.

They shouldn’t make it harder in my opinion by being active, if you want to crack down on “bad” HR’s I think they should stop letting wardens be promoted from inspections, as being able to attend an inspection is mainly luck (being online at the time ans getting into the server). Applications would even be worse in my opinion, as every single person who reaches warden will just apply, and there will be less space for the experienced ones. And the only real way to crack down hard on hoe many CP’s there are; remove the gamepasses. With the recent reforms, 175 out of the 200 reformed CP’s weren’t is discord, since you need to have discord to even be promoted to CP, at least 150 of them bought it. This was half of all the CP’s.

What you could also do, is only keep the “active and noticed” system in place, but being noticed will result im you becoming a “trial CP”. if you want to get CP, you have to apply, as long as you use good grammar and answer a decent amount of the questions right, you’ll definitely get CP, as this is only supposed to be a “final check”, before giving you the perms to host and the commands.

Btw this is typed on mobile, so I’m sorry for any grammatical mistakes.

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i think they should get noticed instead from inspections and probaly 40 max but this game is kinda big so maybe 80 max
some notes: ok kinda big paragraph so quick tl;dr for your post: there should be lees CP+ ranks and high ranks should be not from inspections.
also grammar is no problem