I accidentaly bought the wrong item, and didnt get anything since i owned all the items that were in the pack. Are refunds possible?

I would like to get a refund on the “Escape pack” as i didnt mean to buy it and confused it with the M4A1. I didnt get anything since i already had the items inside the pack. All my money irl and on roblox is gone, so no way i can buy the item i wanted to, i dont even want the full ammount, just enough to buy the M4A1, if possible.

Nope, refunds are against roblox TOS

Alright, ty for letting me know

Just saw someone giving refunds like a while ago

then they don’t know the tos very well

Refunds simply aren’t given, could you please give me the section in the ToS that says that, don’t feel like going through it all.

go through it I am too lazy too

I read the ToS where the ■■■■ did you see no refunds? Maybe SV policy, but some games who give a ■■■■ about their players, offer it.

They simply are not, roblox also has a little article.

Hello, It means that Roblox cannot provide refunds itself, but the owner can, but is unlikely to do so because refunds are rarely given.