I didn't use the search bar and posted a stupid request that the whole of Stateview will see!

Hello, Dear Admins and Creators

As Superintendent who helps in Trainings and Co-Hosts I suggest admin commands for SI+. I am requiring PM (Personal Message); Sit and View. This will help us in our Hosting, Co-Hosting and Helping.

hell na you not skibidi boy wth

thats crazy broski, too many SIs :skull_and_crossbones:

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This is stupid.

Worst regards,
Former Community Advisory Council

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stop yapping


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Did you name it that, or did someone rename it?

I don’t rename other people’s post

Bro what is this…


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You’re fine without these commands, power-hungry Superintendent. No need to be defending these posts.

Yeah, I agree! Changing posts is harming forums and they should be suspended immediately!

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Absouletly not, sometimes people just can spam up commands like sit, view, etc. For no reason, SI’s still have power since they are a high rank in the top of MR’s. Even if you do a shift with commands, what’s the point? Your supervisor will oversee the shift. Your just a SI, you only help the shift. Not like logging anything. You just react to your usernames in the staff patrol logs. I really hope this helps.

Rank: Superintedent/SI.

I’m not even renaming posts most likely the other regulars

Maybe a little bit to many power. I think PM would be actually useful, but the rest of the commands are not that important at your rank.

Facility Director

I didnt do it.
so theres only 2 regulars that could have done it


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I didn’t do it either.


based on the topic he most likely renamed it himself


Worst Regards,
Random SVCM Kid

PM is the only command SIs might actually use, because it is a bit annoying to send blank pms to them all the time so they can send me passers from Scenarios they helped in. But hell nah, sit and view would be abused so much.

Signed, Facility Director, ToMys0987.

I agree! There’s so many ways to abuse commands that even giving them those and allowing them to use it on others is too much.