I Lost My Rank Due To A Possible Bug

Please include the following in your reports.

  • So I Bought Commander Like

and if you want extra proof check my inventory


my name in game is 23kplayer btw also had ert

These are from the old game, if you’ve left and re joined the group you lost them, if you want to buy a rank again you’ll have to buy it from the store
Or just work ur way up obv

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fr? aw that sucks i spent 2100 robux

I don’t think it works in the old game

Hey @Hunter23450 , sorry to here that. Unfortunately you purchased those game passes in Stateview “V1”. This game is no longer maintained and the devs only update V2 now. I don’t think you would get a refund because of “Roblox Tax” rates. If they issue you a full refund then the devs will lose robux. Sorry to hear about this :cry:

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