I really want extra power within Stateview, so I am posting this suggestion!

W+ should probably get view, unview and PM


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Why would they need view command? Its for admins to check on abusers.


Hi there, @kasg12!

I am stormjust29, a Prison Commissioner here at Stateview Prison.

After seeing your post, I strongly agree to give very restricted admin, such as PM, view, and refresh. However, make it for SI+

I hope that this was a support, and that you understand my answer!

Prison Commissioner,


they’re prob gonna find ways to abuse it

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Hello @kasg12,

After reading your suggestion i came to the decisson that your suggestion will be declined for the following reason : There is a too high risk that these commands will be abused and used for other purposes than they should actually be, this mainly relates to the command view.

Kind regards
Chief of Staff
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Overseer of all departments

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How are they gonna find ways to abuse it? It’s not like I suggested that they should get the ability to Gban


I made sure to make the admin as limited as possible so that there will be no abuse, and I’d like to know what kind of abuse they could do with the command “view”.

There is no good reason to give Warden’s any of the commands listed. Warden’s have little to no power and there’s no situation where a Warden would need the ref command or the view command.

Additionally, this request is bias as your a Warden.

SI’s don’t need this either, not even CP’s require any level of admin.
There are 0 situations where CAO-CP would need administrative permissions, regardless of what those permissions would be.

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like trying to view the locations of criminals or using the view cmd to spectate sessions when they’re not allowed to, etc

Fair. But they should atleast get PM

Even PM could be abused by spamming/annoying HRs with it.

Think about it like this - in the group right now, there are over 12,000 Wardens/Superintendents. Although admittedly many of them are inactive, giving permissions to this many people WILL lead to admin abuse, despite how limited the permissions are. This suggestion would merely place more stress on Game Administrators and overall make the game less enjoyable.

Rather than just thinking about getting permissions yourself, you should consider what the consequences may be.

Stateview Game Administration
Stateview Overseer Command

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former community advisory council

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Giving SI’s the ref command? Terrible idea, no clue what went through your brain when you posted this


Mass PM’ing HR’s

Whenever I join a lobby and get on the high command team I get around 2-3 PM’s, those PM’s are people asking if I’ll host a session

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If you really are PC, update your bio.

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He is one of the 3 CoS, so he definitely knows better than you. He has probably encountered a lot more abusers then you have.


3? No clue where you’ve been, there is a lot more than 3 CoS :sob:

Tbf it doesn’t have to do with the fact that they can’t abuse it, it has to do with the fact that they don’t need it. There is no reason to give people ranked FD- the view command.