I used to be a CP in the group and I left for a while, can I get it back?

Back in 2022 I was promoted to a CP. Then I left a group due my friend tell me to do so. After that I never came back till recent and when I tried to calm my rank it said “Rank Locked” while I couldn’t find it in the log. Is there way to get my rank back?

This is the log evidence.

I think 60 day is the max you can claim back your rank after losing it i think, so reclaiming it like 1,5 half year later is i think impossiable. But you could always try to reclaim by asking like some HR.
But i think you also need to play 50 hours in a week to reclaim it to show you are dedicated to SV.

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If you leave main/intel you have 14 Days to regain the rank so pretty sure its the same for the rank. Pretty sure.

No. You gonna have to regain it as CP has a quota and since you weren’t in the group you haven’t done quota for 2 years…

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So, after 60 days upon quitting, you’re ability to reinstate is no longer possible, and you will hve to gain it back. However, if 60 days hasn’t passed, you may DM a HR asking for your requirements to get your rank back.


no, you cannot reinstate within 60 days OF resigning, you can reinstate for 18 months after resigning

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YE but he didnt resign he just left the group I think.

yeah you need to have an officially logged resignation and not just leave the group else you cant reinstate