Ideas for game. Please do it. It will fix a lot of things!

1.Auto closing doors (Hallway doors), Like a 5 to10-second timer before they close back. (People always forget to close)
2. Add a warning system for DW+. Like mark players who have been warned and reason. If they have been warned more than 3 times it will make a vote-kick.
3. Remove guns from COs, they always abuse.
4.Add a shotgun for ERT
5.Solitary lunchroom be in maximum security
6. Add batons for CO+
7. Make riot shields bigger. You can die from shot in the leg lol.
8. Cuff system for DW+. Make DW+ can uncuff inmates so people won’t abuse cuffs and make the inmate quit. Also can cuff lower rank staff so if they abuse DW+ can cuff them and give them warnings so they won’t run around.


Almost agree. I agree with everything excluding point 6 and point 8. Batons would be heavily abused, prison would change to baton warzone cause of this abuse, it should be ranklocked to PI. For point 8, for that button to uncuff someone in cuffs of someone else, only W+ should be able to do this as in DW rank are also lot of abusers, and for that cuffing staff, that should be available only for chairperson+ as it could be heavily abused. Also, people giving out warnings should be able to revoke warnings they gave out. Wardens should be able to revoke warnings of deputy wardens and chairpersons should be able to revoke warnings of wardens.


Agree with some , but not all, disagree with point 3,4, 6, 7, 8. I disagree with point 3 becuase they still need a gun, but they should make it ao there gun almost kill the person, but not fully (like leave them with 1 health and give them a notigication that they cant full-kill so they are not confused.) i disagree with point 4 because a shotgun is op, and should be given to pi+, dw+ or maybe even warden+. I disagree with point six because anyone under dw or warden might abuse, by knocking everyone down, and even with dw im not sure. For 7 the shield is already op Maybe make it so if they shoot ou in the front of legs it does only 50% damage. For 8, give that to warden+. Thats it for my opinion.

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Actually, no, they do NOT need a gun. In normal prisons, guards doesn’t have any firearms, that is for safety of inmates. In normal prisons, there are only few armed guards (something like ERT), and normal guards must just learn how to use their other tools such as taser, cuffs, etc. In my opinion, COs don’t need weapons at all. Lethal force should be used ONLY to contain huge riots, nothing else. And as you probably know, you can not contain huge riot with just glock, this is reason why they shouldn’t and don’t need to have any firearms. There are many other officers which are armed with M4A1, and they will help if there is an armed inmate.