Idk what to call this

There is a bug when you get cuffed, when you are cuffed you wait for the cadet to uncuff you because when you leave and rejoin another server you get put in max. But when i get uncuffed and I left the game and rejoin another one i get put in max. This happens almost all the time, i get annoyed by it.

If you leave while in max or sol, you will be placed back if you join before time is up + your time will be restarted. If you leave while in cuffs, you will be placed in max next time you join. This isn’t a bug, they’ve made it so everyone gets punished when they log/leave.

No when i leave while not in cuffs and rejoin it puts me in max?

Were you in maximum security or solitary?

No, not even cuffs. I was waiting for the staff member to uncuff me and i would leave. Then he uncuffed me then i went in the ring just for 1 min then left.