If anyone read this VI VON ZULUL

Hey there! I am sure i am still unknow for you, so let me explain you a bit who am i. I am nothing. Only person which changed from The Soviet Union and Red Army Simulator to StateView. I am here with a few tips which does not mean anything by me, but maybe from you it would change something. The reason i am doing this is bcs i like StateView, it has huge potencial, but someone need to do something about it. I was TSU Officer, CRU-VM, COS-Hicom, so my tips are by someone who know a lot about those things and can give exps.

  1. Big update: Make whole guards as a group, attendes will have to pass a tryout to be able to join them. Then they will have to pick a “division”. Each will focus on something else. ERT on combat skill, CO on inteligence, Medics on their skills and etc. totally remove ranking system for time, most players afk farming and getting ranks. Ranks will be given in “divisions” by hicom/intel. Promotions for activity on trainings, patrols, etc. Make a Google document with points and give points to members, make a weekly quota and promote each sunday. 2. Add sound to doors when they open. 3. LD mode will be only in special Wardens and DWs menu. 4. Tryouts to guards and then to divisions will be harder, so no trollers and people that pass the tryout will know all the rules, and be able to solve couple of things better then now. 5. Remove whole city and replace it. Too nice textures which are lagging crims, also add something like ATMs, or Banks which they can rob and get money to purchase better guns or cars. 6. Fix all the bugs like LD lights glitching through walls, cuffing prisoners into walls and more. 7. Make minigames for inmates. Like on yard, games like Football or Volleyball which they will be able to play, or exercise with animation. 8. More textures- Food, Uniforms 9. Create a criminal base with safe zone, where guards wont be able to arrest them, it would prevent spawnkillign / cuff abusing. 10. Better cars.
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Some ideas are decent but overall not needed. So we already have sounds for opening doors, the tryout part was removed due to it causing a MASSIVE lack of players. We dont have enough players for tryouts to work out. Bug fixing is ofc always great. The city part is being worked on, although I do not agree with doin that due to it being a prison roleplay and not a county game. Such minor things as new uniforms would be cool, I agree.