If you leave in cuffs, you get warned

When you cuff an inmate, it will store their user ID.
If the inmate leaves, it will log their user ID with a warning, and when they join back, they will see a notification telling them that they got warned for leaving.
At 3 warnings, they will get banned for 3 days.

No because sometimes as I am about to leave I get cuffed, if this were a thing I’d be banned by now.

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Well, you shouldn’t leave in cuffs. Instead, wait to be uncuffed. Also, there would be ways to appeal these warnings.

Yeah most abusers dont uncuff.

also if they take you to max or sol you cant leave while there,

This is a current rule, however it only applies if the inmate joins back, because they could just disconnect and get back. However if you have proof of an user leaving from the cuffs and then joining back, report then in the Administration server.

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It is a lot of work to report someone just to get them warned which can discourage people (like it does me). If it were easier like with an automated system, that would be great.

As for abusers, appeals would be possible so it isn’t the end of the world if someone abuses, and if they do abuse they would get a greater punishment than a warning.

Thats very complicated. We already have people like the Community Advisory Councils or the Game Administrators who are handling those kind of things in-game and you can also report them in the intel server.

The punishment for Logging/Leaving is a Gban which can be 3 days to 7 days, not just a warning. And reporting someone is quite easy, you just upload your video to streamable or youtube, open a ticket, follow the format and your report will be handled.

The cooldown to appeal is 7 days which makes it way slower for the abusers to be unbanned/to appeal. As someone who is in the appeals team, I know that we always do background checks on how many appeals or punishments the user had. If for example it’s already the fourth time the user is appealing a Gban for cuff abuse, his appeal will most likely be denied.

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Would be possible but would take a huge amount of time.


Don’t ban them put them into solitary confinement/ maximum security. Or put them into execution chamber. And a button to say where they are being transported. If they leave in the execution chamber and they leave and rejoin, they spawn on the execution chair.

why are you reviving a dead post

Abusers would take this as an advantage.

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So what? Everyone still can say what they think about it

it is a dead post, it is stupid to say something that has literally already been put into the game