I'm bored, so heres how you can get SI easily (They gotta make it harder.)

  1. Be boring and buy it for 6540 robux. Why? It only takes a few weeks to get it if you do it right.

  2. Not be boring and work for SI. My recommendation is do Shifts until you’re Warden as that’s the highest rank you can get with Shifts. Shifts may be boring but they’re easier then Trainings cause you just need to talk a lot to pass, and they take less time. After you’re Warden (Remember your CDs,) attend a Training, pass Faces, Accuracy, and just know a little bit about the game, and there you go, you’re a hungry white shirt begging for co-hosts/helpers. You’re welcome.

Refer here for your CD.

CAO and CO: 2 days
ERT and COMM: 3 days
PI and DW: 5 days
W: 1 week

These Cooldowns mean that they end 2 days or whatever your CD is after you’re promoted. For example, if you get Warden, then your CD will end on the 7th of you becoming a Warden. Hope this helps!

How did you know I was hungry?

We don’t need more hungry SI cuz they just leave while starting if they don’t get co.

I think i’m the only one that stays…

Those are the unintelligent ones, the ones that shouldn’t get CP.



I’m the only si that does not want CP

Hey, responding to your post.
We make it so obtaining superintendent is easy because we want to create for opportunities for new chairpersons. If we made it harder it would be impossible to find new chairpersons.

Community Management High Commamd.

Thank you. I know I’m smart. :nerd_face: