Improve Gun Mechanics

Howdy peeps. It’s me again!

My suggestion here is to overhaul certain gun mechanics. Although I have divulged myself into Stateview for a couple of weeks now - I find it just completely unrealistic on certain levels.

Allow me to elaborate:

  1. When in first person, you can’t aim your gun down but your crosshair does. It would be great if this is fixed since it does cause issues when aiming downwards in watchtowers - forcing you to move into third-person.

  2. The recoils on weapons are pretty much bogus with no recoil. What’s the point of crouching down to fire if our recoil is perfectly stable? If we get recoil adjustments, it’d heighten the stakes & provide us with something to practice on!

  3. We can’t fire while we are crouched. For the carbine rifle, we have to hold the firing button down before crouching. For the Glock, it serves no purpose in that position. It would be appreciated if this was fixed & more features are added to this.

  4. The crosshairs are too thick. It’s nice for close ranges but difficult for long ranges. A new recticle or decreased thickness would be great.

  5. Gun barrels can easily penetrate through glass & fire externally if zoomed out in a third-person perspective. There really should be borders that prevent the weapon from clicking & firing.

These are all I have. Anyone who has any further gun mechanics that need to be fixed or suggested, feel free to reply below; we need a better system for this.

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