In-game reporting system

A lot of the time, reports against abusive staff cannot be acted on because of insufficient evidence, or just never get reported, since a lot of Stateview staff don’t have Discord or nobody can spare the time to report an incident because of an ongoing raid. An in-game reporting solution could resolve a lot of these issues by collecting evidence and adding a front end in-game, so everyone has a voice in reporting.

An in-game reporting solution can connect to a Discord bot to send report messages in the relevant server, and can collect extra information otherwise not usually available for reports like server chatlogs, which can be extremely useful in investigating some types of incidents.

This solution also ensures that submitted reports will follow an easy-to-read format, simplifying the reviewers role, as all relevant information was collected at the time of reporting and therefore can be acted on immediately.


Would be really hard to script and would be abused a lot

Ummm, the idea is good but that wouldnt work. We would have even more abuse (means more to do for appeals department) and we cant catch some rule breakers through chat logs. As blub said it would be hard to script. Maybe a single command that is like info but it only shows the rank and username. That already would make it easier. What I think about is maybe a sign in the spawn saying how to report somebody. It would tell all the steps until the report. That would help people to even understand how to do that. Another idea is to remove the verification and replace it so that you neee to atleast be correctional officer to make a report (this isnt the best solution as it can still be abused but many people just dont have phines to verify on). There should also be the option to pass it on someone else, for example there is a new role in the discord called reporter. Theres a channel for it where you can send your proof and username and the reporters will try their best to do a good report. Its just too hard to report somebody today.