Increase max sec time

2 minutes isn’t enough to stop anyone. Do it et least 5 minutes. And do solitary more than max. At least 7 minutes

I like that and it that gives players more time to think about what they did, and it will be cool.

and more realistic for max and solitary like in real life.

i think 5 minutes would be enough, but THEN there’s the issue with bloxcord warp because if a guard cuffs you and you get put in maximum then you’ll stay there for longer and the session will already begin

i would like this even tho i get put in max alot since it makes it like a bit more realistic. and maybe like instead of being tped back to where your supposed to be, on the radio it notifies the guards how someone needs to be escorted and the door number and if they are in solitary or max.

No, because that’ll just be boring and it will make more people not play the game.Anyway, it would probably be abused.

Another… don’t necropost