Increase the Staff Teams's limits

Alright, it seems that a lot of people in Discord and in-game are complaining about the team limits, mainly when there is a session awaiting for interested attendees.
Side note : For those who doesn’t know the limits yet, they are currently at 13 for the CS and 7 for the ERT.

Some will say that this limit number is acceptable to prevent too many attendees nor having a large amount of them not interested in sessions and wanting to play the classic way.

And others want to remove it completely so that the session attendees can switch teams without begging a random officer to switch teams if the said officer doesn’t want to.

So I took into consideration about all the arguments pro-limit and anti-limit, and I’d think, why not increase the limit to find an agreement towards the entire community? I’d suggest 16 for the CS then 10 for the ERT.

First point : We do not want to remove the team limit! Why? Because we need a correct balance of the inmates and the Staff as well! If all the 45 in-game players decide to become a Staff, how can we perform efficient shift drills for example? Where is the challenge of criminals breaking in the facility and trying to breach the order and the security? So removing team limits will heavily penalize the inmates and the fun and competition of the Stateview experience.

Second point : Adding 6 more team slots (3 for each Staff teams) is a good deal to let 6 additionnal players who wants to attend a session and there wouldn’t create dramas inside the RP. I also know that this will be more difficult for the session supervisor/host/co-host/helper to manage 6 more people. But as long as they are having fun and a great experience in a session, that wouldn’t be a major minus!

So that’s it! I hope that this will convince the community to prevent further complains and dramas! ^^
PS : I already talked about this suggestion in the dedicated V3 poll topic!

Thanks for reading this! Cordialy.
Timone06, SI, SV member since 2021.

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I mostly agree with your idea, but as you said this would only be good for sessions. During gameplay the teams are often to always open, so it would not be needed there.

Better Solution (in my opinion)

A command for FD+ to disable the team limits for sessions. Then players could join the team and after the session it could be toggled on again.

Chief of Staff

Please don’t necropost. As you are CoS you should know better

Are you sure?
They are completely new to the forums, you should have looked at their profile before judging.
Secondly, the disliking of responses after more than a month is not intuitively guessed, as also seen with various other people who have joined the forums.

Thirdly, in order to become aware of the fact necroposting is a problem, users NEED experience in the forums as there is no such official thing as necroposting. Experience and high ranks in the game cannot replace experience with the forums.

Please make sure someone is as informed as they need to be before calling it a failure on their end.

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i 100 percent agree


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