Inmate Fights/Duel. + Knives

Inmates should be able to fight each other (if 2 of them agree). There should be like a GUI saying, do you want to fight this inmate or something like that. Then the inmates should get knives to use on each other or have the ability to punch each other. When they fight they both get a solitary uniform. If someone wins, they get a maximum security uniform. The staff is supposed to stop the fight and they both to them before they kill each other.

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You mean like a duell? Yes, thats a good idea but probs overused. And I dont like the idea of uniforms. Its just that can fight for fun and the winner… wins. There are such fights happening in Irl prisons so it makes sense. But we would need to make a new punishment for that and probs update the training guides. But I like the idea.

Yeah but they need some sort of identifier. How else would the staff know how fought?

They need to keep track of it. In Irl prisons they also dont get a new uniform or blips above their heads.

They could have like a red marker above their head

Yeah, I thought of the uniforms as its easier to code.