Inmate sprinting is broken Very Important

Hello I was trying to start another big raid in the SV game but for some reason, inmates cant sprint without deadly lag and glitches
I am not very sure how to replicate this glitch other than the fact it only happens on the inmate team please fix this.


This happens to me too, lost interest in raiding or playing as an inmate. Please fix this ASAP

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This has also been happening with me, and I play on Ipad. :skull_and_crossbones: It’s so annoying.

i play on PC and for some reason ANY TIME A INMATE RUNS ON MY SCREEN MY PC ALMOST DIES like blue screen I feel it could be the code is backing up on it’s self and running the same command where they were before because when I run as a inmate I keep teleportin back I got a kick for god sake the server thought I was hackin

Inmate sprint is broken this needs to be fixed now

Inmate sprinting has been fixed!