Inmates/Criminals Shooting at Cameras Temporary Disables the Camera

Make that so if Inmates and Criminals shoot at a camera, the camera temporarily disables for a few seconds, maybe 5 so watching the view of the camera from the security room would display a static screen. Would make cameras more realistic and would tell the person watching the camera’s view that an armed Inmate or Criminal is there.

EntityRobloxes - Facility Director, Appeals Staff


I agree but I think it would be more realistic if someone needs to repair it, this would be a nice job for patrol team while on shifts. It would improve the roleplay

Tbh it should either be repaired, or 3 mins

I would say both, if it doesnt get repaired its 3 mins

Yea that would be great!

Really nice idea but I think they should stay broken for like a few minutes unless someone repairs it.

andy_roblox3 - Chairperson.