Inmates Moving While Detained In Cuffs

Inmates Gain Control After Being Tasered And Cuffed

So, this is just a random cuffing issue that I’ve found. I’ve experienced this only a few times. Anyways, if a player gets cuffed as the officer that was cuffing them jumps, it would likely mean the bug has been caused, making it hard for the officer to move them using cuffs.

As the bug occurs, the inmate could control some of the movements as the officer tries to move them around. It becomes very difficult for the officer to move the inmate using cuffs. Sometimes, the movement becomes stuck for a very short amount of seconds. Also, the weight begins pushing down the officer, making it easier for the inmate to make the movement harder to control.

I believe it is because the inmate was tasered at a specific height above the ground, then being cuffed. If the officer doesn’t jump after cuffing, then this bug most likely won’t work.

But somehow, even though the inmate wasn’t tasered at a specific height above the ground, after getting tasered, the inmate still could control the movement between the officer and themself.

NOTE: As an officer, if you jump by pressing the jump button as you’re cuffing the inmate, it won’t work. Only if you jumped as an officer, automatically from the bug occurring, it will work.


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You can just uncuff and cuff them again and it works, still this needs to be fixed.

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I just dicovered an update. Most likely, even if the inmate has jumped or not while being tasered, it is still somehow possible for the inmates to start gaining control after being tasered without jumping. This clearly means the main cause wasn’t because of being tasered while jumping… it might be caused by something else.

An easy counter to this bug is to uncuff and cuff the inmate again and it gets fixed. However, this bug is very annoying and should be fixed.