Inspections more frequently

Ok so I think that getting CP is pretty tough and it’s kinda good that way but maybe it should be a little easier. My idea is that there would be more inspections hosted per week. 1 every day might be good or maybe that’s too far? I don’t really know but let me know what you think!

1 per day is too much

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Yeah I was unsure about that, maybe 1 every other day? Or is that still too much?

i suggest reducing the cd to 5 days instead of 1 week

Hmm I’d even go down to 4 days for the CD but I don’t know if that’s too low.

NO, inspections are fine how they are. We had an OVERLOAD of inspectiond this week. 3 inspections, one canceled inspection, 2 sirshooters, and a massivr ammount of promos. No

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I think once every 3 days would be a great way of increasing activity.

No, inspections are not rare, it all depends on your timezone if you can catch it or not. Inspection is one of the easiest sessions according to me, too many promo will occur and this would make lose the shine of inspections being hosted not frequently.

no don’t we must have l5days which is good and no need 1 week

Getting CP+ is not meant to be easy…

thats what i said

It’s not

Be active in discord, get hw and helps then you will get cp

Is this advice to me? Cus I already am CP