Intel Server Verification Issues

Hello everyone of Stateview,

Understanding how the security features of reports & safety are paramount; don’t want untrusted people looking at confidential reports of another person seen, however, we must consider that not everyone has a phone. I have joined the ‘Intel’ server recently and have witnessed that I must have a “verified phone number to continue chatting”. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a way so you can have 2FA or a verified email on the verification process rather than a phone number? I was just wondering, also. If you do have an answer, it would be much appreciated to DM me about this issue.

You can DM me (fvnkzy) here: :station: ; funky ; :airplane:#3535.

Once again, I am sorry if this is a burden; I just needed to say this for people who don’t have an accessible, valid or don’t even have a phone at all.

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This is a additional security feature, to stop spammers from spamming the chat, as anyone can make a email but phone numbers cost money.

I do have the same problem! i hope they remove it soon. They did it for the main server so why can’t they do it for the intel server?

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it is for safety to prevent bOtS

Hmm, Idk, I didn’t have to verify my phone number for the intel server, its probaly new.

Cause they just removed it. I now have the ability to chat there.