Introduce a warning GUI for DW/W+

— Why am I suggesting that?
Servers are usually full of people and some of them are abusing. Instead of giving them warnings the traditional way, so „W1: XYZ.”, (Deputy) Wardens and above would be able to give warnings to users in an easier, more efficient way.

— How is it going to work?
If a person is found abusing, all you need to do is to open the GUI, select the username to view their warnings (Yes, all of the user’s warnings will be visible to (D)W+.) and select „Add warning” or something. When a player is warned, they will see a notification on their screen with an appropiate reason and username of the person who gave the warning provided. They will have to close the notification by clicking „Understood”.

— How will it improve SV?

  1. It would be easier for staff to know, who was given warnings earlier.
  2. It will be clear for those, who were warned who warned them and why.
  3. It could be used as proof for votekicking.
  4. Warnings would be more organized.

— Extra.

  • Warnings reset when a user joins a different server.
  • Warnings with tagged reasons won’t be applied to a user.
  • I will publish my visual concept on 24.05.

This will be abused a lot, as there are a lot of DW+ who don’t know the rules.

I’m aware of that, there would be a cooldown and warnings given to a player will be visible for every other Warden in a server so they can report the person who gave a false warning.



L sparkly abusing warnings

It would log the warnings in the Discord server.

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Hello @Muffin ,
This would be a great idea but not for DW - W. Lots of DW and W do not know the rules or would just give many false warnings. CP sometimes don’t know the rules either so I think it should be either CP or FD+.
Thank you,

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Hey @0759Master i think that it should be (D)W + and you should need some FD’s permit or something to unlock it.

Hm, this could maybe lower the amount of VK abuse, as you may need a minimum of 3 warnings for them to be vote kicked.

Ok, its REALLY good until you completely ruin the point, they realize they have 2 warnings? just server hop!

I meant to quote " * Warnings reset when a user joins a different server."

Make a Warn log for HR+ so that they can see who is false warning people.

How to open GUI is GUI in game?

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Also, make a warn cooldown(5 mins)so that DW+ can’t abuse it too much.