Inventory update

I suggest this because it’s difficult to play as ERT when you have 3 gamepass weapons. So to avoid annoying changing weapons places you could just save inventory that you made and later just click magic button to put weapons automatically on places where you had them when you saved. Tell me your opinions.


I don’t get what you mean I’m guessing your on PC when I play on PC sometimes I have a game pass weapon and I just move them in the inventory can you wait 10 secs dude?

Well if your being killed in riot many times then it’s annoying.

Mhm that’s a good point maybe you could just add a like inv lock button.

I agree, this would be really usefull

Yes agree to this post very much, it is a good suggestion.

Very usful for me when I have an MA41 ,2 Glocks, Knife, Boombox.

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