Invisible seat in session room

Hi there is a invisible seat in the sessionr oom near where the supervisor normally stands.[invisible seat - YouTube]

Video proof - (invisible seat - YouTube)

It sometimes spawn, but it’s random and can happen anywhere.

Ok, this is roblox’s problem, the chairs sometimes randomly spawn at random places in other games as well, this has been long since a problem

Yeah, they will also sometimes spawn around the prison randomly too. It’s been happening for a while now.

Roblox has a bug that some chairs spawn randomly in places.

imagine if they spawn near a door and it lets inmates noclip

I was meme for one week when attendee screenshoted me sitting on invisible chair and saying: “I am CHAIRperson so i have invisible chair!”.

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It’s kind of a roblox bug, but also a game bug.
If you bring someone who’s currently sitting on a seat, and if they get out of the chair, it becomes a invisible chair.

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