iPad Shooting Controls

I wish that in the future they would make the iPad shooting feature more better because at the moment I’m struggling to hit the target accurately in inspection/trainings and while people on PC can just use a mouse and shoot I would like if the iPad one could be like that too so it would be more fair to people.


Ur right, i once tried attending an inspection from an ipad, and it was impossible to do accuracy with it…

True they should make it not first person and like when you’re doing accuracy you can click on the person for the taser to shoot that way WHILE IN THIRD PERSON

The problem with that is if you try to move your camera around you’ll shoot. (I’m sure the developers could make some form of workaround for this, but that requires effort & time).

Same tbh, when I play on mobile it’s pretty hard.

Basically all games are harder on mobile tho, definitely shooters

I find games like Arsenal pretty easy on mobile, but it is pretty hard to make a game compatible for mobile, full stop.

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