Is a ranker required for a shift?

As stated in the title, I’m asking. As I have gotten different replies from everyone so alas I turn to the forums. According to a Community Management member, you do not need to have a ranker to have a shift if you pick to have no HWs, it also states in the guide for shifts that HWs are completely optional.
I am asking for any confirmation because I have no clue anymore. If you need to see what CM said to me, shoot me a DM I am “meatball0130” Thank you!

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yeah, but only if you have HWs, just listen to what the CM said

Yep a ranker is required for a shift.


Even if you chose not to do HWs?

You can’t choose not to do HW. (Unless everyone did bad during the shift)

A ranker is required for a standard shift.