Is prisoners able to get out of the cell during Cell Block?

Is prisoners able to get out of the cell during Cell Block?
(Not the whole section, just out from cell)

Yes but only from their cells to lunch room.
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Hello! Yes inmates may be out of their cells to talk to each other or even other guards as stated in their discord:

Inmates during cell blocks status:
Reminder, when it’s cell blocks all inmates should be there instead of staying in cafeteria or yard. The main thing I wanted to point out that many people been doing bit wrong, when it’s cell blocks Inmates are allowed out their cells, cell blocks does not mean trapped in their cells! They are allowed to go out the cells and sit on the bench and chat with other inmates or even with officers!
Please be more fairer and generous with these inmates they aren’t dogs, not all of them are bad and they shouldn’t be cuffed every 5 second/harassed.

Hopefully after reading this, the community can be more understanding and better place for both officers and inmates! Improving everyone experience making the game enjoyable, and getting rid of abusers!

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They are allowed out of there cells during Cell Block time. They should be out unless a weapon is drawn from the inmate. If there is open fire then you will bring them to Maximum Security where they are not allowed to leave only for Lunch and Yard. If someone is in a cell during Cell Block you may take them out. But, you should frisk them first they could have been put in there for a good reason.

holding a weapon is a taze using a injurying someone with the weapon can be punishable

i am a DW and prisoners are allowed out of cells in cell block time but if there is a lock down then they need to be in there cells at all times so crims can not get help the escape

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Okay so basically I wanna see what exactly is happening.

  1. Prisoners can be out of the cells.

  2. Prisoners and allowed to talk, chat to eachother including guards.

  3. Prisoners MUST stay INSIDE of their cells when it is LD (Lockdown)
    NOTE: If there is any wrong, tell me.

      TBNRjay1999   -Deputy Warden

Hello community! I am MrJoseph112, Deputy Warden of Stateview Prison.

Inmates during Cell Block status:
I would like to point out that inmates are allowed out of their cells during this time. They MUST be in their cells during Lockdown. When you find someone in their cell, you may take them out but frisk them first. They are able to chat with other inmates or even officers. Although if they are caught with contraband or open firing, they need to be frisked and locked up in Maximum Security where they are isolated and only allowed out of their cells during lunch or yard time. If they start to run around or giving the guards a hard time. They will be frisked and locked up for the rest of cell time. Tell the cops on the radio. If you have any questions, fell free to DM me or ask me in-game if you have questions and I will be happy to answer. Or DM any other DW+ for assistance.

I hope this clears up any confusion for the community. Remember that prisoners are not naughty dogs and should be treated just as any of you would like to be treated.
Deputy Warden


Hi there!
I am folosp2, Chairperson of Stateview Prison.
I would like to point that you can punish prisoners by Maximum Security ONLY if they have a gun (AKM, M4A1, Glock 17), if they have a knife for example, the punishment is Solitary Confinement.

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If you didn’t see the inmate hold a contraband, frisking counts as CA and random frisking.


Hello Community! I am PinkKimDev, Deputy Warden of Stateview Prison.

Inmates during CB Status
if CB Time if Lights off onmates must be in cell?
but if Lights on inmates not must be in cell? Question
Deputy Warden

During CB normal inmates can be out of their cell, unless they are spamming

Or have pulled out a gun or knife.

Then it should be solitary/ max

No. If someone shows a weapon, they can be killed immediately. It is recommended to tase and arrest them, but you are allowed to kill - bro you can’t make self-defense forbidden, even if the inmate didn’t shoot currently, he is a threat to every person around.

Wait but is it random frisking of they have tray and the status is lunch? Please tell me.

singagamesss - Warden

If the status is lunch, they can have that food thing yes

If the status not lunch can we frisk them? Just wondering.

singagamesss - Warden

Yes. They can roam around the CB.

~ Chairperson.