Is there a cooldown for training ranking in stateview prison

If yes you can just write it in the comments.If you know,I would appreciate if you tell me.It is ok if you Don’t know.You don’t have to tell. Thank you.

The promo CD for MO-COMM is 3d
PI-W 5d

Can you please explain what are these words:MO-COMM and pi-w?

Rank shortcuts: MO= Medical officer, CO= correctional officer, ERT= emergency resdonse team, etc.

Mo-COMM = medical officer correctional officer ermagency response Commander

PI-W prison inspector deputy warden warden.

Hey, but what if i get promotion from DW to W and DW have CD 5 days and W have CD one week then on how much time i have cooldown?

I can’t say this enough. Stop reviving dead posts.