Is there really any point of restricting sessions?

Should we only be allowed to host for a limited amount of time?

Personally, I like this new feature but I’m still against it. This new update means we can only host during a certain time frame. Time frames listed below:
EST - 10:00 AM EST to 1:00 PM EST
CET - 4:00 PM CET to 7:00 PM CET
MST - 8:00 AM MST to 11:00 AM MST
GMT - 3:00 PM GMT to 6:00 PM GMT
GMT+2 -5:00 PM GMT+2 to 8:00 PM GMT+2
GMT+3 - 6:00 PM GMT+3 to 9:00 PM GMT+3
AEST - 1:00 AM AEST to 4:00 AM AEST
PST - 7:00 AM PST to 10:00 AM PST

My opinions:

So, jimmy said it was because “Nearly every server I’ve played today during the major influx between 10- now has been overhauled with crims due to lack of staff, I hate that” I think the real reason why we always have crims or loads of riots is because of these gamepasses. Obviously sometimes it can just be because of so many inmates and not too many guards but the majority of the riots happen because of the gamepasses. You can straight up buy free escape, keycard, M4A1, Glock etc. And what makes it worse is that its permanent. So someone can just join a game with no criminals and then just use keycards to escape which just makes it really difficult for staff. You know how they say that if you see someone with contraband then frisk them and take them to solitary. What if someone has a gamepass that spawns them in with an M4A1 and you know that person has the gamepass… What then you just have to watch them and hope they don’t kill you?

Anyways I don’t have much free time to write more and I know it seems petty I’m complaining that sessions won’t be open for 3 hours but most of these time zones are an hour after school for me and most people which means I can’t join a session until 6pm. Please don’t respond with hate I just want to share my opinion on this. Don’t respond if its going to be. I don’t mind if you disagree.

Like this if you agree.


Good Evening, @PhoneGhoster1:

I’m aware that people may not agree with the three-hour-restriction. However, in hopes of expanding our roleplaying aspects of Statetvew. This happens to be a necessary step in the right direction.

If we prohibit sessions throughout a span of three-hours, it will generate a community/player database that will grant each player opportunities to learn and work within an environment where sessions are not always needed to “roleplay”.

In addition to this, reducing the number of sessions hosted each day will result in more attendees attending in the future. Furthermore, the more “uncommon” sessions are- it’s more likely more users will attend.

Thanks for your interest in our community, and staff infrastructure/decision-making.

Yours truly,

Corporate Manager,
Plan F. Games

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Thank you for responding, @Trey

I can understand that, but It’s not just the main issue about the criminals because I pointed out that jimmy said that “sessions” can be the reason why there are so many criminals. This is wrong in my opinion. The reason why we have so many criminals isn’t sessions, its gamepasses. You can buy a key card, Glock and a sharp knife for just 665 robux. Thats £8.99 or in USD, $10.83. What makes this worse is that its infinite so I can just spawn with all I need to escape. Lots of inmates have these gamepasses and let everyone out of the prison just like that. This is what I really dislike, I know you can’t really just get rid of them since SV could earn less money but the gamepasses really just make the game less fun and enjoyable as staff.


Currently, we are working on ways to balance out the in-game system. Primarily, the way game-pass weapons overtake the facility more than staff have control over.


Hello, @Trey

I am FD. My nickname is Pawelos01. Due to this three-hour limit, I am unable to meet my quota. This time starts perfectly after my return from school. I can ONLY play games after I come home from school. When this restriction ends, so does my ability to play games. I can lose rank because of this.

I don’t know if making this restriction start an hour later and end an hour later will be a big difference for most people, but for me it will be a big difference because it will allow me to do my quota and this will allow me to keep my rank.

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Good Afternoon, @Ez_z_toba,

We understand this restriction may be hard for some individuals. However, you are still able to host over the weekends- and most certainly still meet your weekly quota.

Hello, @Trey

I can’t play games on weekends because of my parents. For this reason, I almost never attended sessions on the weekends. If I would be able to play Stateview Prison on weekends then this rule wouldn’t be such a big problem. If you would be able to move this restriction by even 1 hour then I will be able to complete my quota and I won’t have to resign.


It’s out of my control. You would need to find time that will accommodate our restrictions and regulations.

Deepest Apologies

Corporate Manager
Plan F. Games