Jumping system and cuff limitation

I feel like two things in particular have been negatively affecting my experience in Stateview, and maybe others experience these problems too.

Firstly jumping. It’s really irritating that players can spam jump, it makes trolling very easy, and it’s unrealistic. It’d be wonderful if there was a brief cooldown between jumps and slower jumping while aiming your gun. It just makes sense.

Secondly, I’ve had a lot of issues with cuff abusers as someone who plays inmate mostly. Someone kept me cuffed for 10+ minutes at one point. I believe that cuffs should automatically expire after around 10 minutes to avoid abuse, and then the inmate gets automatically spawned into their current status (or criminal to their spawn).

Honestly though this game is amazing and I’ve been having a lot of fun, I’d still be enjoying it even if nothing changed. Great job devs. :slight_smile:

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5 minutes would be better.

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For the first one. Search it up before using it. This has been discussed many times. For the second one record then switch teams and if you want to report them in the discord.

Possibly a similar system to Prison Life jumping, as well as jumping being removed entirely when using any weapon excluding the G17?