Kick panel bug that got me BANNED

I was a criminal trying to open a door when all the sudden the kick panel opens up when pressing e and I was stuck in first person trying to get out and I had thought that leaving the game was loosing more benefits than gaining them. So I decided to kick and tell people to DO NOT KICK but no one listened, so I decided to show how no one listens to votekicks and they just vote yes.

  • How often does it - occur rare-ish

  • Where does it occur - when opening doors as a criminal

  • How to reproduce - try grabbing a key and opening a door and it will not work, then step away and press e and it will give you a kick panel. DW+ only.

  • Video showing the bug -

Knowing that VKA is bannable why would you still do this……
Even if they would’ve voted no, you would’ve still gotten punished for this
You’re literally sbanning someone because of a glitch that happened to you, while you could’ve just rejoined

You could’ve also pressed escape, and scroll out while its going up

I would recommend to appeal this though, if you didn’t know these things and are sorry there’s a high chance for your appeal to be accepted

This glitch has happened to me and most recently as well its still no reason to VK when you can hit cancel or Rejoin

This occurs if you switcv teams while in panel btw. Thats one caude at least. After that everytime you press e it will appear

Try !rejoin it will remove the pannel.

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