Lag Spikes/Crashes

rythmic lag spikes, my cpu is perfectly capable of running things like COD and it keeps spiking rythmically in game. It started this morning and was fine yesterday. My laptop is an acer nitro 5 and is on windows 11.

btw this only happens on stateview, phantom forces and every other game i’ve tried works fine.

I have been encountering this too, its not horrible but a quick fix for this bug would be nice. I hope the lag doesnt affect peoples ability to meet quota as reforms are currently ongoing.

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  • Description : Lagging and Crashed
  • How often does it occur : Many time after 4 secend
  • Where does it occur : Games
  • How to reproduce : Playing game a 4secend Then Does a lagging
  • Video showing the bug : スクリーンショット (245) This is a Perfomance analysis

Forgot the console, see it here: Roblox 11/12/2021 6:24:25 PM recorded with

Someone just made a bug report about this, it seems like a common issue.

The game crashes and i have to reset my PC to play again.
When it happens?:I didnt count it but i think beetween 1-2 hours of game.
If you guys have the same problem,i suppose its a server issue,because in the other Roblox games it didnt happen.

Please include the following in your reports:

Description: When I join stateview prison, it just freezes every 5 seconds. And if I join any other game, it doesn’t lag
How often does it occur: Every time I join stateview prison.
Where does it occur: In the game.

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Maybe include console logs?

I’m having the same problem here

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What are your PC Specifications?

I’ve just checked but now it’s not really lagging anymore

same to me, even tho i have a gaming pc :confused:

I cant do anything for 5 minutes.

Intel Core i5-10600KF @4.10GHz
32gb RAM
and more unrelated things.

my topic was merged here

This bug crashes Roblox, and it stops gameplay.
image where it shows 4gb of used memory and Suspended, i need the image below
The game crashes due to a memory leak, it happens more often on high graphics.
How to reproduce
Go into the game on PC. It should crash in 10 minutes on low graphics.
System Info:

  • Windows 11 Pro Dev Release (22499.1000 (rs_prerelease), or a version after)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super (18gb of vram, shouldn’t crash)
  • Intel Core i5 @ 4.15GHz Clock
  • 24gb Memory
  • 4TB SSD, 1TB HDD, 3TB External Backup HDD
  • Intel Wifi AX200
  • Generic LAN Adapter

I was playing on my iPad Pro yesterday night and it froze, but didn’t crash.
It normally happens when spawning

Here it is again, it just freezes and then wont let me resume.

Here it did something weird and put it under MS Edge, but it;'s still frozen.

We are looking into this issue and will update you when we have applied a fix.

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I no longer have this issue on pc, i don’t know what the devs are doing but it works for me at least.