Legit free ranks

If this doesn’t work follow this step by step guide warning rule breaking.
1, log onto stateview and abuse your way up to warden
2. Votekick everyone

  1. After you have been banned your first time stay inactive for a year
  2. After staffing has had hell without you return and start killing and cuffing everyone you see
  3. You get a free rank by monke

So many people got their ranks from here like ummm Justin he got CoS from want.bdt

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I can confirm this
This is the way how i got PC


no dont abuse please just apply that works too


I’m just saying the fastest way to get a rank you can do it the slow way if you really wanna.

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No thats just encouraging rule breaking at some point

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Some people might actually abooz

I think my picture clearly shows that this is a meme and I said it was last resort.

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lolapig987 why arent u in the sv discord?

I don’t have to be😕

It’s fun, u should join the discord. Curious though why u use the forums but dont use the discord at all

I can’t join because I have two accounts with the same email.