Let hosts choose who should be helpers

Let Hosts choose who should be a helper in trainings instead of one random W coming up and asking.

Hosts really should choose a W in one the attendees, as 1 who knows if that helper has experience and knows what to do, I get that it’s either there 1st time or new but this is just ridiculous, the host should choose a random W from the attendees who should be the helpers, the host should know whether or not they are capable of being one.

Now some of you out there might think this suggestion is ridiculous, I know it is but this really should be a thing for staff.

This is already a thing. They can choose if they want someone to be a helper or not. The wardens just have to ask and they will say yes or no. I was denied several times (even with no helpers) during trainings.
-Warden RaeDaElf

Yes but some still don’t do that.

Well then we can make it clear that it is allowed and just make a post about it. It is an easy fix with a problem caused by miscommunication.