Let mobile players use votekick and CR controls

This is really annoying we can’t use votekick and CR controls. Ineedmorecharsgimmiemorerightnowororornothingbruhgimmiemorecharactetspleasssssssssssealr.

You should put this in bug reports ya know

Yeah but it’s not a bug really it wouldn’t be a bug that somebody removed votekicks and CR panel on mobile.

No before the update the VK and CR panels you used to be able to use them on mobile

Ik you used to be able to know you can’t.

So this is a bug (so put it in bug reports!)

Also I’m pretty sure that they didn’t remove them on purpose (therefore it’s a bug!)

I’m just gonna say it’s more of a glitch then a bug.

Ok i give up (but still i think it’s a bug)

Glitch and bug pretty much the same thing. Either way unintended so file a bug report instead

“A glitch is a short-lived fault in a system and can, more often than not, usually correct itself once you have restarted your computer. On the other hand, a bug is an error, failure, or fault in the program that generally arises from its design.” Therefore its a bug

Before mobile people like me could use votekick, idk why you guys removed it for us, its really annoying, because me being a warden, I can’t kick people if I have to warn them.

As i said, this is not a intended feature, so it should a bug