Let Wardens get promoted during training's

I you should promote a Warden during Trainings/Promo shift/Riot Protocols. If you are a warden like me you always wanted to be a CP. You should also make a application for wardens to apply and get CP.


Well I think they will say be active in the game so you have to get noticed by a CAC+ So I think if you like help or assist a training, you’ll get to that rank.

No, trainings are WAY too easy to pass and CP gets admin commands. There was a time you could be promoted through RPCs and promo shifts but it got removed for a reason. If you want to rank up be active or pass an inspection. There are thousands of more reasons this is a bad idea but im too lazy to write them all down. This suggestion wont be coming true anytime soon!

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Let me guess, you’re a warden, you want CP, but you dont want to work for it. I mean come on, dont make these kind of stupid requests if you’re basically making them because YOU want an easy promotion, while the AA would skyrocket


My point exactly. Just be active.


Warden & Event Staff

I do not agree, passing the trainning is easy but if there is a unprofessional person or inactive person it cant ruin the reputation of the CP because being a CP is required being active and being a CP is a hard work some people only want to achive Warden, Unprofessional people can also abuse admin commands so totally not going to agree.

-Zack, Warden

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Trainings are extremely easy, so definitely a no.
Applications might be a good option but only if you are being considered of being promoted, not whenever the hell you want.

If you want to get CP, be active. Help Trainings, attend shifts and more. Does it need luck? Yes. Does it require time? Yes, a ridiculous amount of it. But, unfortunately and/or fortunately (a lot of arguments can be made whether this system is a good and effective one or not), that’s how it is and it won’t change anytime soon.

Absolutely NO.
You’re probably a Warden that just wants to get CP without doing anything. Think about the abusing.

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nononononono because it would cause to many AAs

I Dissagree Since Yeah…Cuz…AA…And Trainings Are EZ…Also…Work Hard For it Bruh


Let me guess, Your a Warden that wants to get CP but is so inactive and eager to get that rank and not realising there is so many other ways to get CP.

No, I disagree with this.

I have been a CP for not even 2 days and it is such a big step up from Warden. Warden’s need to show that they are more than capable of the duties of CP, they can do that by helping in trainings and attending shifts and other sessions.

CP also have quota to do and only 4 sessions max can be hosted at any one time, there would be many CP, probably thousands of CP wanting to host sessions and existing CP will not be able to meet quota and they will probably get demoted for inactivity.

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Chairperson is not any old rank. It is an ADMIN rank, and trainings would be too easy to pass, there would be so many abusers.

I Hardly Disagree Like WhatnThe Hell Is This Suggestion?..Work Hard For Your Rank…Chairperson Has Admin Commands And Your Just Giving It to Someone abusive?..I Disagree

I don’t agree with this. I’m a Warden in the game and I always pass the trainings because they are really easy. Maybe just have inspections twice a month.

Nope tranings are to easy you are probally a warden who is lazy and want to get CP.Plus AAs will skyrocket to the moon.

That was 1 month ago when I did not do a oatrol log before, :joy:.

All my patrol logs.

Dd3819, Warden.