Levels requiments for W and DW not worth!

First-DW. U can get DW by reaching 32 lvl (32 hours) or faster by doing quests/killing criminals.
I can say: 32 hours is not worth for DW, because abusers.Make a DW rank level requiment: minimum 40-50 levels.
Second-W: 64 lvl=warden, I’m don’t think 64 hours is worth for maximum rank in level up system, Because abusers/noobs that just stayed in afk got this rank and commanding around.make a W rank level requiment:80 minimum-100 levels.

Yes, but playing 100 hours to get W rank is too much. I understand that there are players who are afk farming but even for normal players, 100 hours is a LOT. It is a game, players won’t spend their life on it (Except for a few people).

Tell that to the people who have 1000+ lvls
Also if you ask me 100 lvls not so hard tbh

Do u know new system?just do quests,arrest and kill.

I got 40 levels by devoting myself to SV for a it each day in 4 days.