Lights. Update Idea

You know you can control lights in CB? Why not everywhere else? This wouldn’t be super useful, but it’s a cool feature.

It would be cool but too many people would abuse it.

Yeah, but there would be like a delay between pressing it. @goodbee

I hate copa, because they are abusing everything and some GREAT updates requested getting denied because of “abusing”. Make massive consewuences for this. Something getting abused? Then start making worse ans worse punishments for it to make people stop doing it.

Personally, I don’t abuse. The last time I pressed LD, I had permission from a PI, but then was told to turn it off by a SI.

But there are more than you(I do not want to be rude, not Like almost every high rank). Abusers are everywhere. People are too stupid to stop abusing.

Normally are told off in the radio tho.

Wdym by copa, the law?

more characters

How can lights be abused? It’s just turning them off and on

Yes. This is an abuse. I know. Sense = 0, Like abusing h command is nad?

What does flicking lights even do to the prison, it’s just it’s darker

It’s annoying

more characterssssssssssssss