Lock electric chair for W+

The chair is abused far too often, as the title says I believe it should be locked for use to W+, similar to the Evacuation system/Lockdown system. It would be sensible to do this to avoid CAOs being bored to deciding to just kill a random inmate. Warden is a fair rank as it is not too high and is a rank most people who join to abuse and troll will not see. Let me know your thoughts.


PI would probably be better because it means that they have some experience playing and probably won’t abuse, but it is still a rank most players will achieve.

PI would be bad idea, not enough gameplay, I reckon it should be W+ aswell, because they have 50+hrs of gameplay and PI have alot less.

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One thing, how would this be enforced? Otherwise great idea.

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Enforced how? In the sense of being only used by W+? If that’s the question I mean making it so only W+ can press the button to activate the chair, similar to the LD system.

What I mean by enforced is that, even though a warden can use it in your case, a cadet can still bug the inmate by updating the inmate while they are in the chair, and they can still place them in.

Then it could be a thing of locking the ability to open that door to the execution room to only W+. I know that would likely be difficult to set up it would prevent a lot of abuse.

How about we just remove the electric chair entirely? There is really no use for it, max security and solitary is more reasonable. We could replace the room with something new, that wont need to do with abuse! :smiley:

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DW+ is better. I would rather just have a vote pop up or something related to that is fine, just a vote for DW+ to agree whether to give permission for the machine to start.

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Dear: @meatball0130

After a carefully review of your opinion i decided to ‘‘AGREE’’

But, W+ i think is too high. Might a D.W.+ is better.

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This is just a my opinion.

Why keep the chair at all? I don’t see the point in it.

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DW and over would be a better idea I think because an ok amount of playtime but not too hard to get.


I would say remove the chair altogether. There isn’t really a purpose to it and it is really just a tool for corrupt officers to abuse and kill with.


We should definitely lock the chair for W+. I literally got cuffed by a level 1 Cadet and taken to the chair. I have had absolutely enough of this and I strongly support this request presented.

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true, just enforce it so if the player has a rank dw-, they cant use the control panel for the electric chair

this has been dead for months stop revive dead

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Yeah i think is good but not W+, Put it like to PI+ They already have experience too. I see a lot of new players putting there inmates for no reason only to test, i don’t report but i warn them to do not do it agoin, Ik they qill do it again but i discount a bit because they a new an testing the game…

I agree, this would benefit the game a ton and stop abuse for the most part.